What is the purpose of the Rehabilitation Community?

The Rehabilitation Community is the collaborative effort of ReLAB-HS and Physiopedia and is a place where you can meet, connect, and exchange information virtually with other rehabilitation professionals from across the globe. The community discussion groups and forums can be used to:

  • Solve problems
  • Generate ideas
  • Share information and knowledge
  • Offer, as well as receive, support and guidance
  • Develop best practices and share lessons learnt 
  • Collectively reflect on personal experiences and celebrate successes

The Rehabilitation Community has the ability to link geographically dispersed practitioners and build a sense of community under circumstances where it may otherwise be difficult to do so. 

Who is the Rehabilitation Community for?

The Rehabilitation Community is open to anyone with a personal and professional interest in advancing rehabilitation services around the world. This includes, but is not limited to, clinicians, researchers, educators, students and health systems administrators from all rehabilitation backgrounds and capacities. 

Our goal is to ensure that anyone in the world with a passion for rehabilitation feels equally welcome to participate in the discussion forums and groups. Check out our User Guides for more details on how to be an active contributing member of the Rehabilitation Community.

How can I join the Rehabilitation Community? 

The Rehabilitation Community is open to anyone with an interest in advancing rehabilitation services and strengthening the integration of rehabilitation into health systems around the world.

To join the Rehabilitation Community you will need to register and create an account. To do this, you will need your email address, password, name and username of your choice. Once you have entered your details, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to activate your account. Check out the Get Started guide on how to create an account for more details.

Do I have to set up an account to join the groups?

Yes, you have to be a registered member to be able to access the discussion groups and participate in the conversation. You can create an account here, It takes only a few minutes and you can join groups and contribute to discussions straight away.

Can I invite others to join the Rehabilitation Community?

The Rehabilitation Community is open to anyone with an interest in advancing rehabilitation services and strengthening the integration of rehabilitation into health systems around the world. 

Members are from all rehabilitation backgrounds and capacities including, but not limited to: 

  • Rehabilitation clinicians 
  • Health systems administrators
  • Researchers and educators, and
  • Students

All registered members are encouraged to invite colleagues and friends that meet the above description to join the Rehabilitation Community. Invitations can be sent quickly and easily via the Rehabilitation Community Email Invite feature.

Are there any rules for participation in the Rehabilitation Community?

All members of the Rehabilitation Community should strive to:

  • Be patient. Be friendly.
  • Be active. 
  • Be honest. Don’t be afraid to express your own opinions.
  • Always be inclusive with your communications.
  • Be a learner and a teacher.
  • Keep an open mind. Avoid judging others.
  • Discuss and respect different ideas and points of view. Don’t make it personal.
  • Limit distractions and stick to the discussion topic.
  • Harassment and threats directed at other members are unacceptable.

A few simple things that you can do to connect more meaningfully with others include:

  • Complete your profile. Include a photo and a few details about your professional background to allow other members to recognise you and find common ground.
  • Make an introduction in the group feed. If you are joining an established group, there will often already be an introductions post that you can add to, otherwise feel free to start one yourself!
  • Join the conversation. Check out the feed and get up to date on what’s been talked about so far. Join the conversation with your own ideas and comments.

Check out the user guide for members for more ways to connect with others and get the most out of your discussions in the Rehabilitation Community (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the guide).

Can I use my native language in the discussion group?

Yes! Members are welcome to write posts in any language they feel most comfortable using. Visit the user guide on languages other than english for more information about using languages and translating languages in the group discussions or feeds (you will need to be registered and logged in to view the guide).

Is there a limit to how many groups I can join?

There is no limit and we encourage you to join as many groups that are of interest to you! 

Some groups are labeled as Private and will require you to request access. Depending on the group settings, you may need to write a short statement explaining why you wish to join the group. Requests for accessing Private groups are approved by the Group Organiser

Before joining a group, take a moment to read the group description and consider the following:

  • Is this group topic of interest to me or relevant to my personal background, professional experience or professional aspirations?
  • What attributes will I be able to bring to this group?
  • What would I like to gain from being a member of this group? 
  • Am I able to actively contribute to the group? Do I have time to participate and keep up to date with the group discussion?

For more information about joining groups on the Rehabilitation Community and how to create your own group, check out the user guides on joining and creating groups.

How can I keep track of updates and conversations happening in my groups and forums?

You can set your email preferences to receive email notifications whenever there is new activity or post or in your groups. To do this, select your profile name in the top right hand corner of the page, select ‘Account’ and ‘Email Preferences’. Scroll through each of the options and select ‘yes’ for all that apply to you. 

If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can follow the same process to de-select YES and choose NO instead.

To make it easier to access the Rehabilitation Communities whenever you need to, we recommend that you save the Login Page to your Favorites or Bookmarks folder.

How can I ensure my privacy is respected while participating in the Rehabilitation Community? 

We do not share your personal details with any third party without your permission.

See the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details around how information is kept and managed on the Rehabilitation Communities platform.

Is the Rehabilitation Community Accessible on Mobile devices? Is there an app?

Yes! The Rehabilitation Community app is available on both Apple iPhones and Android. You can also use it on tablets. Follow these links to down load your preferred version:

The Rehabilitation Community app is completely free and can be used by anyone at any time! For more details about using the app, visit the User Guide page about the Rehabilitation Community app here.

I am looking for a specific group but it’s not visible in the groups section? What might be the problem?

There are two instances in which you may not be able to find a group listed in the groups section:

  1. Hidden groups: These groups can only be joined by private invitation and are not visible to any other Rehabilitation Community Members. If the group you are searching for is a hidden group and you are not already a member, then you will not be able to access the group or see it listed in the groups section. 
  2. Sub groups: smaller groups that are hosted within an existing group. They can only be found by accessing the main group or ‘parent group’ to which they belong. 

I have feedback and comments about how to improve the Rehabilitation Community. Who can I contact?

The Rehabilitation Communities is a work in progress and we want to know how we can improve! Please share any feedback or suggestions with the platform manager via email.