Get Started

Join the Community

The Rehabilitation Community is only accessible to registered members. To become a member, all you have to do is sign up and complete your profile. It takes only a few minutes and you can explore the groups and join the discussion straight away!

Sign up

  1. From the Rehabilitation Community homepage, click on the blue ‘Sign up’ button in the top right hand corner or use this direct link to the registration page. This will take you to a page where you can create an account.
  1. Fill out your details, including email, password, first name, last name and a username of your choice. 
  2. You will need to agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before you can click ‘Create Account’.
  1. You will receive an email in your inbox with further instructions on how to complete the registration process. Follow the instructions to verify your email address and complete the registration.

If you face any problems during the registration process, please get in touch with the Rehabilitation Community manager via email.

To make it easier to access the Rehabilitation Communities in the future be sure to save the Rehabilitation Communities login page in your Favourites or Bookmarks bar so you can log in quickly and easily.

Complete your Profile

Once you have signed up and become a member of the Rehabilitation Community, take a moment to complete your profile and add a profile picture. This will allow others to recognise you easily and connect more meaningfully.

To complete your profile:

  1. Log in to the Rehabilitation Community.
  2. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page to access a drop-down menu. Select ‘Profile’ and ‘Edit’.
  1. You will see a percentage guide on the right hand side which tells you which elements of your profile you have already completed, and how many more elements you have left to complete your profile. Click on each of the steps to add your personal details, professional details, profile picture and an optional cover photo. You can add as much or as little information as you are comfortable sharing with other members of the Community.

Don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of each section of the profile that you are editing information!

Keep in mind that you can edit any part of your profile at any time. Once you have completed all the profile elements, the percentage indicator will disappear.

Explore the groups

There is no limit to how many groups you can join on the platform and we encourage you to join as many groups that are of interest to you! 

Some groups are labeled as Private and will require you to request access. Depending on the group settings, you may need to write a short statement explaining why you wish to join the group. Requests for accessing Private groups are approved by the Group Organiser

Click the ‘Request Access’ button to automatically notify the Group Organiser that you wish to join the group.

When your request has been approved by the Group Organiser, you will automatically be shown as a group member.

Before joining a group, take a moment to read the group description and consider the following:

  • Is this group topic of interest to me or relevant to my personal background, professional experience or professional aspirations?
  • What attributes will I be able to bring to this group?
  • What would I like to gain from being a member of this group? 
  • Am I able to actively contribute to the group? Do I have time to participate and keep up to date with the group discussion?

For more information about the Rehabilitation Community Groups and how to create your own groups, check out the user guides on joining a group and group feeds and discussion forums.

Connect with other members with ‘My Connections’

Once you are a registered member, you can view other member profiles by navigating to the members page

To view other member profiles, click on their username. This will open up their profile details along with age, gender and professional background (if the member has chosen to complete these details in their profile!).

To easily connect with members in the future, you can add them to ‘my connections’ by clicking on the “Connect” button on the right hand side of their profile.

You can also use the “Connect” shortcut button below the members profile summary on the members page.

This will send them a request to connect which they can choose to accept or decline.

You will be informed in your notifications when your connection request has been approved by the member. The member receiving your request will be notified in their notifications area. Alternatively, requests to connect can be viewed by going to “Connections” and selecting “Pending Requests” on the main dropdown menu.

You can also directly message other members without adding them to your connections.

Send direct messages by clicking the “Send Message” shortcut button below the members profile summary on the members page.

You can also send direct messages via the “Send Message” menu on the members profile page.