Languages on the Rehabilitation Community

All languages are welcome in the Rehabilitation Community! 

Members are encouraged to use English as much as possible but we understand that it can be difficult to express yourself if English is not your first language. 

  • Check with the group organiser whether or not English is the preferred language.
  • You may post in your preferred language if it makes sense in the discussion and to other members that are involved.
  • The process for creating a post in the group feed, or starting a new discussion is the same for all languages.

Translating languages other than English

Currently there is no function for translating languages available on the Rehabilitation Community platform. 

If you are part of a multilingual group and wish to translate the posts to English (or a language of your choice), the best way is to download and install a Google Chrome extension on your computer that has translation capabilities. For example:

Note that to use these extensions you will need to be logged in on a Google Chrome web browser.

Using Google Translate

Once you have downloaded the Google Translate extension, you can open it by clicking the icon next to the address bar in your web browser.

Select Translate this page to automatically translate all the text on the page to a language of your choice (example below is Georgian language to English).

you can translate the page back to the original language at any time by closing Google translate or selecting “show original”.